There are TWO Silver & Gold Markets! Which one are you in?

There are two silver & gold markets! Which one are you in? Yesterday I got a text from my nephew. He’s relatively new to stacking silver and gold. A junior gold and silver stacker. In this video I discuss his text and discuss how there are two very different gold and silver markets. I understand my nephew’s concern over the drop in spot price for silver and gold! All the markets, whether it be equities, bonds, precious metals, commodities, even bitcoin, are highly sensitive to the economy and more so, our central banks reaction. When the federal reserve tightens its policy and raises interest rates, this makes the dollar strengthen against other foreign currencies, and become more attractive in the bond market. Gold and silver become less attractive and their spot price in the speculative futures markets goes down! One data input that hammered gold and silver came out Friday and prompted my nephew’s text message. There was a shockingly high employment rate for January. The headlines said that 517,000 jobs were created, and President Biden was quick to take credit. The narrative was: the Fed’s rate hikes haven’t made a dent in job market; hence they are going to need to keep raising rates, hence the dollar will strengthen against other currencies, hence get out of gold and silver and into US treasuries, hence the spot price in gold and silver dropped! I told my nephew BE CAREFUL with these bogus government stats! And I then explain the January job statists from the bureau of labor and statistics (BLS) and explain what the two markets for precious metals. Watch and find out which one are you in!