The easier website address for gold sovereigns

There are TWO Silver & Gold Markets! Which one are you in? There are two silver & gold markets! Which one are you in? Yesterday I got a text from my nephew. He’s relatively new to stacking silver and gold. A junior gold and silver stacker. In this video I discuss his text and discuss how there are two very different gold and silver markets. I […]

The Story of the British Gold Sovereign

Historian Justin Robinson from the Samlerhuset Group explores the fascinating story of the British gold sovereign, and the monarchs, mint officials and designers who have contributed to her rich legacy over the centuries.

Gold / Silver News

I will be posting any news I find interesting and linking to the articles or videos. Posts will be primarily related to GOLD & SILVER I would like to find businesses that are willing to accept gold or silver as payment for goods and services. If you are willing to accept gold or silver as […]